Cultural Tours, discover the world of giant clam farming as well as traditional village life in North Tarawa. Visit ancient shrines, hear traditional stories, learn traditional skills of weaving, coconut husking, toddy cutting….among others…

North Tarawa Convention Area adventure, travel to far North Tarawa, stopping at various islets on the way; listen to stories at the sites of historic batttles, view traditional sailing canoes being built, appreciate fine examples of Kiribati buildings, see rock fish traps, hear of the lives of the lepers exiled to Na’a, discover the waters by snorkel…..

Wold war II tour, see the sites and hear the stories of one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific during World War II. Explore relics of the battle, view the landing sites, visits memorials to the battle and the lives lost …..

Kiribati canoe Experience Tour, experience the feeling of sailing the turquoise lagoon on some of the fastest sailing canoes in the world ….